Dear Friends,

Following on from the last posting of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s talk on Preparing for Death, I have put together some practical information ideas for putting our affairs in order.

A lot of what I have written I use myself, and find this extremely helpful to have so much information in so small a space, relatively speaking. This is a courtesy for others who will need this kind of information and also for myself as I update it every year as there are always small changes needed.

It’s even more helpful living alone without any family and my information I have given to my neighbour, selected friends, my appointed next of kin and my Lasting Power of Attorney for Welfare.

Hoping that some of the ideas presented here bring benefit and ease of mind in taking the time to put our affairs in order as well as being a help to others when we pass from this world.

Be happy, be joyful, go well,

Margaret Richardson

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