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Perhaps you would like to die at home if possible. If you die in hospital or in a hospice maybe you would like a quiet space and preferably in a room of your own. This would help with special prayers, chanting and rituals being performed by designated friends at my bedside. Maybe you would specify not to put the television on as this will distract me from my spiritual practices and prayers.


At the time of death, you may wish to have as much clarity of mind as possible to be able to die well in peace and with dignity. Perhaps it is possible to stop the medication before death to allow me to have this clarity that would be appreciated. But if the pain is too much and medication is necessary that is fine too.

Intrusive intervention

Do you wish to be resuscitated only there is the hope of a good recovery and that I have my full mental faculties for a quality of life?

At death

Maybe you would like your body to be left untouched for as long as possible.

Example request:

” I would like my body to be left untouched as long as possible after clinical death.

at least until after specific prayers are performed at the bedside or by distance prayers, this is to allow the consciousness to safely leave the body. Only remove any needles and not touch any part of my body especially the head until these specific prayers are said.

Thank you very much for this. According to the Buddhist tradition, the consciousness leaves the body from the top of the head. For information, Buddhists believe in many lives so this is why it’s so important to leave the body untouched as long as possible, we need to make a good exit ready to start our next rebirth in a good way!!! So please help and wish me good luck too!!! A big thank you and may you too have a peaceful death and joyful rebirth when the time comes.”

Post mortem requests

If there is a need to have a post mortem please delay this for three and a half days if at all possible. This is in accordance with the Buddhist philosophy that gives this as the minimum amount of time needed for the consciousness to leave the body for a new life.